lion_bones (lion_bones) wrote in ilovetails,

All Tails for Sale

H'ok! So, because I bumbled Saturday, I am down $80 from having to pay a guy to get the keys out of our car.

Therefore: All tails for sale. I wanted to do this a little more orderly-like, and take lots of pictures and organize everything nicely, but money is money and there isn't time for me to be fussy about it.

Any one tail is $6, with shipping prices applying to up to 4 tails in one envelope.

USA- $3
Canada- $5
UK- $8

Coyote (lighter colored or darker colored)
Kit fox (tawny and black, silver and black, or even-colored ones)
Red fox

I have already gone through every tail and sorted out less-than-stellar ones; these tails are $3 each, and are mostly kit fox. All of the other tails are around a foot long.
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