fuxray (mewl) wrote in ilovetails,

hi, everyone. i tried my hand at making some simple tails this weekend and i thought i would share them with you.

2'10" white fleece dragon tail, based off my character Snowy. despite being my very first attempt at a tail, this one went very smoothly.

2'6" leopard print fleece tail.
this fabric was tricky to work with for some reason, so the two pieces kept sliding around on the sewing machine, even though i pinned it down pretty well. it has a belt loop, which i learned not to sew on the inside the first time around, haha.

if anyone is interested in buying the leopard tail for only $8 (i'll cover shipping), i would like to get rid of it. it has a slight curve due to uneven stitching (which is okay since it's a tail, i guess), but is otherwise as functional as these things can get. let me know in a comment if you're interested.

i only had fleece in the house to work with, but i plan on ordering some faux fur to work with soon. bye for now. :)
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