Mini Tails For Sale!

Already claimed: black and white, black and tan, pink and green, tan and white

Selling off the last of my mini tails from AC at a discount price! :D They are $10 plus shipping. :)

As for size, the 'husky' style one is 12" long, the smaller ones stick out about 8", and they're about 8" tall. They're all machine sewn and densely stuffed with polyfill, so they hold their shape but you can comfortably sit on them and smush them up without worrying about damaging them! :D

I will also be doing customs of these, for $15+ shipping. I have most colors of fur, so I should be able to turn them around in a day or so! :D

Tail sale, starting at just $20

Hello tail lovers. :) My tails are currently on sale, so now's your chance to pick some up for a few bucks off.

What can you get for $20? A basic cat tail, or a single color fluffy canine tail (cat not included.) And if you want something bigger or fluffier, those are on sale too. There are too many options to list here, so I'll just link to my tail gallery. Tell me what you'd like and I'll give you a quote.

Shipping is just $5 for all US orders, and $8 for all international orders. Tails take 2-3 weeks to sew, so you won't have to wait long. :)

Ears are on sale as well, and start at just $15. No additional shipping charge if you include ears with your tail order.

Do any of you make tails?

I got a local friend to help me, but thanks anyway!

So for a short 1-act I'm doing at my school, I decided to do a theatric version of a short story I wrote. Long story short, Girl falls for wolf-man whom she hates at first, but then grows to love. (insert DAWWWWW here)

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you wonderful people knew how to make a wolf-tail or can link me to some place that does, becuase I knida need one for the wolf costume I'm going to have to wear, and I would preffer to make my own rather than buy one. I also need wolfy ears, but I can solve that one later.

Any and all help is appreciated
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Tail and ear sale

I'm clearing out the last of my pre-made tails and ears. Whew! It'll be nice to have these out of the way. Anyhow, they are somewhat discounted from my usual commission prices. Some moreso than others, depending on how badly I want 'em gone. :) Shipping is $5 for the first tail, and $1 for every tail you ad after that. (In the USA, international customers can contact me for a more specific quote.)

Paypal preferred, check and money order also accepted, but PLEASE do not claim a tail unless you're serious about buying it.

If you have any questions about any of them, feel free to ask.

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Bird tail!

Hey there! I'm currently looking at getting a bird tail commissioned in time to pick up at Further Confusion.

My characters tail is pretty non descriptive, just green tail feathers! I was thinking about seeing if I could commission BladeSpark since I love the peacock tail they did. But I thought I'd see who else could make a bird tail like that. Only requirement is that you be going to Further Confusion so I can pick it up from you there. Please post examples of other bird tails if you have done any & price for a one color bird tail.
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New :)

Hi, i'm new here and i have one question. I have a nice tail but i'm scared about wearing it in public. I would like to know before I go out into the world, do people really come and ask you about your tail? what does it feel like have people staring at you all the time? And what are some answers do you give people when, and if they do ask about your tail. Please Answer ;)
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Buying: blue feline or fox tail

Looking for a blue feline or fox tail, the more colorful the better, stripes or swishiness a plus. (also looking for a pair of ears or hat to match)

No set price in mind, just seeing what's currently being sold by folks, the styles and quality, and going from there.