SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote in ilovetails,
SPark, the Purple Dragon


Just have to show this off, because it came out so awesomely.

My first avian tail. :D
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I'm pretty sure this is the most awesome thing in EVER! :DDDD I can die happy now.
He he he. Glad you like it. :D
You did an excellent job with it. Very impressive!
Very nice. Mind if I poke you about how you made them? I've got a character that has an avian tail (and a vulpine one, for that matter), and I'd love to someday make her tails, but the feathers have always seemed... well a bit outside of my reach. But those look really awesome. Is there anything to keep them straight as tail feathers would be, or are they just kinda floppy?
They're backed with foamies, aka. fun foam. They flop around a little, but much less than if they were just plain fabric.
sooo preeeetttttyyyyy!!!!
I love trhe layered look from the blue piled feathers near the bum. :)
Ooh, great work! :)
Epic win.