SPark, the Purple Dragon (bladespark) wrote in ilovetails,
SPark, the Purple Dragon

Halloween commissions

I am open for Halloween ear and tail commissions!

(I'm closed for larger projects, if you want a fursuit, partial, or head for Halloween, you should probably order now for next year.)

You can find a heap of examples of my various tails here:

Ears can be found here:

Prices start at $20 and go up from there. If you order this week, you are guaranteed to get your tail or ears by Halloween. But only if you order this week! I will be closing Halloween commissions on October 7th, so you need to order SOON! Anything ordered after the 7th may reach you after Halloween is over. For smaller pieces I prefer payment up front, but am willing to take half down, half on completion. Just understand that delays in sending the second payment might result in your items arriving late.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions. :) And sorry about the x-posting, just trying to get the word out so I get fewer people asking for a Halloween tail halfway through October!
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I'm not asking for a custom tail, but is that cheetah tail on your website still up for sale?

There is a Halloween party up at my workplace, and at the very last minute I am deciding to participate and dress up. The tail would match perfectly with an authentic antique cheetah fur collar I recently acquired.

Would this be any trouble for you if I purchased it so it could arrive before the following Friday (the 30th?)?
Whoops, I totally forgot to update that. No, it was sold a couple of weeks ago. Sorry about that.
Ah well, no problem then *g*

Best of luck to you on your commissions. I'd commission one from you, if it wasn't for the fact that it's way too late in the month. Oh well.