xanthos_king (xanthos_king) wrote in ilovetails,

Halp with a tail

Well, my fursona IS a white tiger, but I havn't yet gone to a Fur Con (soon to be fixed) to get a species-appropriate tail. I also need some White Tiggy ears. I can't really mail-order or have any of that kinda stuff shipped to me, given my current financial situation. v..v

But I DID pick up a fox tail over at the local Rennisance Festival (soooo much fun, and all I wanted to do the next day was go back X3 ) I like it alot, and it's very fuzzy, and even smells nice! But if you guys could give me adivce on a few questions, that would be nice...
1: as you may see in the left picture, I attatch the tail on my belt loop. It hangs kinda low, but is there any tricks to fix that, besides pulling your pants higher? Or is there somewhere else you usualy attach your tail?
2: Is there any kind of special care you should use for your tail?
3: I've noticed my sheds just a little bit. This is natural, right?

I think that's all. Thanks in advance guys!
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