Kite (kitefeathers) wrote in ilovetails,

Taking offers on tails!


Larger Preview:

I have a few tails that are currently laying around with no one to love them. I brought these to sell in RainFurrests Art Show, however I think the Dealers Den would have been a better place for them. (Buyers would have been able to wear the tails around the con rather than having to wait till the end of the con to receive them.) So I have leftovers! :3

I'm taking offers on all of these tails except for the tan cat tail. (It was donated to the RainFurrest charity auction.) The grey wolf like tail on the right wags very nicely while walking with it on imho. The white wolf like tail on the right is stuffed a lot and is a more solid tail (I know it doesn't look like it has much of a shape to it but it's got a more plain wolf like shape when viewed from the side.) The two other cat tails both have a nice regular swing/wag to them as well. :)

Buyer pays shipping costs.
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