Blue (blueberrihusky) wrote in ilovetails,

Buying: blue feline or fox tail

Looking for a blue feline or fox tail, the more colorful the better, stripes or swishiness a plus. (also looking for a pair of ears or hat to match)

No set price in mind, just seeing what's currently being sold by folks, the styles and quality, and going from there.
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January 4 2010, 02:56:22 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  January 4 2010, 03:01:14 UTC

I only have a few on line right now, (updating my gallery and uploading it to a new space), but my yarn tails may suit you nicely:

If you're interested, I have one more commission slot in March. I also do hats:

(hopefully the link works)

I also make ears:

If you're interested, please email me: katie.feastofdreams (at)


I love your Cats-style stuff. So cute! I think I need one of those wigs =3
Thank you very much! And a wig could be arranged. *smiles*
i have a blue fox tail here im tryin to sell (can do custom airbrushing on it)

i also have a whole new blue partial with a blue tail if you like ^.^